Centerless grinding systems from TSCHUDIN are used in all Industries in which usually a high volume of precise mechanical components at low cost are required. Fuel and diesel injection technology with its high volumes is a classic field of application for the centerless grinding process.

Thanks to the development of automated, multi part grinding processes, TSCHUDIN has achieved a leading market position amongst the global players in this field. The bearing industry demand highest profile accuracy while the aviation and space craft industry are having special material to be ground. TSCHUDIN machines can cover both requirements. Often, customer expectations are excelled. The manufacturing of hydraulic systems, power tools, household appliances and the tooling industry bear numerous applications for centerless grinding.

In all industries, TSCHUDIN is increasing its market share for both OEM and part suppliers. Additionally, the medical industry as trusted in TSCHUDIN centerless grinding machines for decades.

Tschudin AG



TSCHUDIN AG is an international high-tech company based in Grenchen, Switzerland. 


 A specialist designer and manufacturer of CNC centerless grinding machines for global markets. 

Neckarsulmstrasse 41, CH-2540 Grenchen

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